Legacy by Ross Rebagliati is “A Growing Lifestyle©” created by Olympic Gold Medal winner Ross Rebagliati who promotes healthily living and finding that athlete in us all through everyday family-friendly products.

The company’s genesis comes out of the success of the development of the Ross’ Gold™ merchandise brand and it focus on retail cannabis products.  Legacy  is about a new brand that brings back the roots of Ross’ Rebagliati’s experience as an athlete and as a hobby grower.  As an example, the Hemp Oil products reflect the emergence of hemp based CBD as a healthy option or enhancement to bring out the athlete in all of us.

Ross especially believes that CBD (Cannabidiol) has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation helps to better manage the aches and pains an athlete’s body chronically endures. It also has a calming effect reducing stress and anxiety which are two more realities of being an athlete

Our Legacy partners have been carefully selected by Ross and we have categorized our market is into First Nations Growing operations/ dispensaries, Jamaican Growing operations/ dispensaries, hemp oil consumable goods, soils, nutrients, fertilizers, grow lights, personal home growing kits, and subscription-based online memberships.  Legacy sells to both businesses and consumers through partnerships with both established and emerging companies, as well as through our own manufacturing facility.

The founders of the Company have successfully built brands and understands the keys to developing partnerships, strategies and marketing.  Ross Rebagliati is a respected global icon, and his Ross’ Gold™ merchandise brand is featured across North America .  We are looking for partners and licensors of our brand with the intent of working with them to build their sales.  Come join us on our venture!

Olympic snowboarding gold medallist Ross Rebagliati  holding his gold medal and a $24,420 bong.
Olympic snowboarding gold medallist Ross Rebagliati  holding his gold medal and a $24,420 bong. BORIS MINKEVICH / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS OCT 23, 2015